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Hi! I am a senior computer engineer with advanced degree in computer science and engineering, and I have more than 18 years extensive software, hardware design, development and consulting experience. So far, I have been working on many different projects from small size to very large scale and very complicated ones. I am very interested in all types software, hardware, database, application, network, internet, desktop, client/server, website, e-commerce, web-based system, management, security and access, embedded, real-time process control, and various home and industry automation engineering and projects.

Most of my clients are from financial, banking, credit/debit card, retail, healthcare, hospital, real estate, telecommunications, insurance, and industrial automation fields and from various internet, e-commerce, web hosting, software design, development and consulting services industries. And, some of these are world class or Fortune 1000 companies, for example, MasterCard, FDR, US Bank, FNBO, TSA, ACI, Bank Of Butterfield, Target, Winn Dixie, USPI, Kmart, AT&T, MCI, Sprint, etc.

I have very solid and excellent design, development, testing, implementation and maintenance skills with efficiency in various types of coding, testing, troubleshooting and bug removal. My proven abilities in design and development include chip-level and board-level industrial computer design, low level device driver design, OS kernel/process intercommunication, mid-level file system interaction and database manipulation, dynamic desktop and web-based user interface design, custom application and system development, system software design, high level financial report and utility development, database design, development, integration, replication and management, desktop, client/server and web-based application development, e-commerce solution design, enterprise class architecture design and implementation, and various on-site and off-site consulting services.

I have very strong capabilities to work in difference phases of whole software development lifecycle from business requirement preparation, investigation, analysis, proposal, project plan, schedule and management, application, database and system design, development, testing, implementation to maintenance and support. Additionally, I speak both English and Mandarin Chinese.

My childhood living environment cultivated me an open, optimistic, direct, honest and vivid personality. I am self-motivated and like to work hard on my assignments to succeed and I am also happy to contribute and assist friends and team to succeed whenever they need my help.

I am a reliable independent consultant, so if you have projects or openings and need an expert to work on them, or, if you just need some advice for your assignment, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks for visiting my website!

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