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Do you like fine arts, like music, painting, dancing and calligraphy? I do. I like both western and Chinese popluar and classic music, songs, brush painting and all other types of fine arts. There are many different stlyes in China just because there were so many greatest artists in a couple of thousands years of China.

Here are just some good examples of Chinese songs. Remember, there are many many different styles of Chinese music/songs and below is just a very small part of the big Chinese music family. Hopefully you like them also.

Ai Xiang Sui    Bu Liao Qing    Qi Dao

Qin Huai He Pan    Wan Qiu    Xiao Cheng Gu Shi

I also like Chinese brush painting. Especially, I like to collect paintings about animals, flowers, mountains, etc. These pictures are some of my favorites.

Besides Chinese music and brush painting, I also like Chinese handwriting products. There are countless famous calligraphies by famous masters in our history. These pictures below are just a couple of excellent examples. Enjoy them!

By Emperor Kangxi - Qing Dynasty (1645-1722)

Calligraphy by Emperor Qian Long

Calligraphy by Su Shi

Calligraphy by Yue Fei - Song Dynasty

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