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Oh, yes. Can you imagine I am a highly educated, trained and achieved martial artist and coach? I am 6th Dan/Degree senior coach of Chinese Wu Shu/Martial Arts certified by Chinese Wu Shu Association and got many national and international champions and titles. Most importantly, I am successor of Chinese Ba Ji Quan (Extreme Fist) and founder of Shang Wu Chinese Kung Fu Association ( I have been learning and practicing Ba Ji Quan with Grandmaster Li, HuChen since 1983. And I am one of the earliest members of Ba Ji Quan Research Institute in Tian Jin (since 1985). I am teaching Chinese Kung Fu, Wu Shu, Tai Ji and Qi Gong in metro St. Louis area now. My students and I participated in many local and national events.

I also like Chinese music, calligraphy and paintings. I can find some excellent and famous works, products and examples on my website. Hopefully you like and enjoy them also.

I am going to update my website from time to time whenever I get time, and I will add more and more information about Chinese history, culture, tradition and various arts including Wu Shu to this website later. So don't forget to come back and don't forget to let your friends to visit my website.


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