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Pets Control, Cleaning, Lawn Services, .... Opps, a wrong list! I may consider these in future, but not for now.

As a high tech professional and senior computer engineer, I have been providing software and hardware installation, setup, administration, design, development, testing, maintenance, support and consulting services to my clients for many years. Especially, since 1996 I focus on the design and development of enterprise level architecture of systems, databases and various applications with high stability, high availability and high performance. These critical, large-scale, complicated and well-planed, designed and tuned computer and network systems enabled my clients to run their business and provide services to their clients uninterruptedly and smoothly 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

My services include desktop, client/server, intranet and internet, website, e-commerce, database, network, software utility, application and system design, development, management and support. Furthermore, I am very interested in artificial intelligence, fuzzy control, neural networks, operation research and optimization, and their various applications in financial, banking, business, industrial automation and process control. I have provided consulting services to many clients in these areas for many years. Especially I have been working on some extremely large scale and very complicated engineering and projects for banks and financial clients so far. This is why I feel so confident that no project is too big or too difficult to me.

If you have an engineering or a project and need an expert to get it done right, just feel free to contact me.

Main Design and Development Services:

  • Financial, ATM/POS, Credit/Debit Card (including Prepaid)
  • Dynamic Website Design, Maintenance and Redesign
  • E-Commerce Solutions Design and Database Integration
  • Web Application, 2.0 Services, and Database Development
  • Desktop and Client/Server Software Development
  • Database Design, Installation, Administration and Support
  • Clinic and Patient Management

Additional Design and Development Services:

  • PC and Server Installation, Testing, Repair and Sales
  • Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, Server Hosting
  • Embedded System Design and Home/Industrial Automation
  • Network Plan, Design, Installation and Setup
  • Security and Access Control, DVR and Surveillance System
  • Home and Office Entertainment, Game and Karaoke System
  • Electronic and Motion Sign
Latest News
  • 2 new servers ready for MB order
  • 1 new server ready for SB order
  • 4 backorders for LB web, email and application servers
  • 0 entry level server in stock

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